Head Cook and Owner, Bridgette Flaggis a Chicago-based native hailing from a humble background of compassionate cooks and southern hospitality connoisseurs; dedicated to making sure that each plate that reached the table, reached the soul.  As a little girl, Flagg discovered her passion for cooking through vibrant in-kitchen experiences curated by her Grandmother, Beatrice “Bea” Tolliver. Tolliver migrated from “The Delta” -- Greenwood, Mississippi to be exact. Once in Chicago, her home became the neighborhood hub for huge feasts and great fun-filled company. With an open-door policy, Tolliver became known as “ Bea”, and overtime became Head Cook for Chicago Public Schools.

Throughout the years, Flagg watched both her Grandmother and Mother multi-task in the kitchen; baking and cooking foods that kept them glued to the stove throughout mornings, afternoons, and evenings. At their foot, Harris eventually learned everything there was to know about mixing the proper seasonings with the right amount of soul.

Although compelled to cook for friends and family, Flagg went on to graduate from high school and eventually attended Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. She studied Criminal Justice, and simply felt uninspired. She went back to Chicago for great reason.

As years passed, “Grandma Bea” physically passed away, and Flagg's Mother became ill. During that unprecedented time, Harris decided to “step it up” in the kitchen for Mom, while discovering she had the exact same gift. She was able to create the same tastes that both her Grandmother and Mother created for decades. Post her Mother’s departure, cooking became her connection; a therapeutic process that led Harris to organizing huge dinner parties. Of course, these “parties” were conducted  with the same open-door policy that Bea had.

Soon Flagg became known in the community as what Bea was known to in hers: an amazing cook with immeasurable soul. Bridgette started catering small events, and eventually conceptualized Soulè Chicago. Through the support of friends and family, she was encouraged to open her first restaurant.

In 2017,  Flagg did just that… The mission? Cook food with the same amount soul as Bea and Momma did.